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The Super will be responsible for bringing the most important event for the creative sector of Querétaro to live. With a minimum of 2-week duration, the Biennial will focus on the creative activity of the areas of architecture, interior design, industry, public space and habitat in general.
This event with no business focus will naturally promote a confrontation of ideas that have been produced along the last two years in the various schools of design in the City, among independent creators (“Makers”), disseminators, design departments and research and innovation departments of companies established in the Metropolitan area of Querétaro. The way in which it is the intent to achieve the above will be by a variety of forms; expos, colloquia, conferences, master classes, facilities, workshops, visits, urban tours, “PechaKucha” sessions and encounters with actors of the most contemporary proposals. In all these modes brought into the event program, open and transparent dialogue will be the conductor of the Biennial, always willing to receive the individual contributions of citizens in a personal capacity, civic platforms, citizen associations, institutions, or citizens in general who want to share experiences, ideas, projects, in order to provoke the most enriching activity for all the involved.
The International Design Biennial of Querétaro will have various stages spread throughout the City in order to ensure there is greater dissemination and involvement by the Querétaro society. Furthermore, as part of this global positioning of Querétaro, a “guest country” and a “guest city” from the Network of Creative Cities o UNESCO-Design will attend.


Democratize the design, standardize it and bring it closer to the community, making it understandable and thus, valuable.

To bring closer to society contemporary and innovative design proposals that are currently generated, and make their contributions to citizens’ quality of life visible in a sustainable and harmonious way with the environment.



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Fundación, desarrollo, actividades, artes
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Diseño de producto, diseño de espacios, interiores, generación de propuestas de valor, desarrollo de conceptos, Corte Láser, producción de stands, separadores de espacios, oficinas, bares, puntos de venta, mobiliario
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Semana del diseño, Querétaro, México, Festival internacional
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