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Intensive program that will allow students, professionals, academics and/or researchers to develop skills to execute innovation projects in the local or international creative industry.This 6 months program will offer the participant:
• Internships: The participant will be linked to a company, organization or institution related to their project to carry out a 6 hour internship, Monday through Thursday. During this time the intern will receive the necessary tools to implement his/her initiative, with the support of professionals and experts.
· Counseling: Twice a week, for 3 hours, the participant will attend a theoretical-practical session with experts in the design of sustainable projects, public policies and business models in the Super Node building.
· Development: In the course of the HOOKUP Creative Program, the participant will develop and put into practice the knowledge acquired. Once a week, the participant may share his/her project with a group of investors, to obtain financing.


Design an international, efficient and binding innovation ecosystem through the execution of Creative Industry projects, promoting the City’s economy by generating a powerful network of transformation between entrepreneurs and society.

To be eligible to participate in this program, the following criteria must be met:
• +18 years old.
• Be enrolled as a university student in careers related to the creative industry or in accredited institutions. • To have completed the 3rd year or more of the study curriculum.
• To have a grade average of at least 8 on a scale of 10.
• Be an active professional in the Design Industry and/or the Creative Industry.
• Have a valid professional diploma and license.
• Be an active professor or be carrying out research in the Design Industry and/or the Creative Industry.

• English proficiency (80% TOEFL)
• Spanish proficiency (80% SIELE)
• To provide 3 recommendation letters from accredited companies or institutions.
• To provide a CV and Life Letter
• To submit a project to be carried out in the creative industry, in line with the 2030 Agenda indicators.



QRO & Design


Fundación, desarrollo, actividades, artes
danza española, flamenco, ballet, danza contemporánea, tap, jazz, danza aérea, guitarra
mural, urban art, design,
tienda, galería, centro, design, mexican, diseño, mexicano, gallery, center, store, residence, residencia, creative, creativa
Diseño de producto, diseño de espacios, interiores, generación de propuestas de valor, desarrollo de conceptos, Corte Láser, producción de stands, separadores de espacios, oficinas, bares, puntos de venta, mobiliario
Impresión 3D, Ingeniería, Inyección de plástico, Procesos de Manufactura, Mecatrónica, Diseño
Diseño web, diseño de software, experiencia de usuario
Plataforma, Web, Diseño, Talento
rediseño, fabricación, juguetes populares, mexicano
diseño de productos, consultoría creativa, estudio de diseño
Diseñador gráfico, lettering, mural
 Académico, Salud, Emocional, Social, Espiritual, Recreativo
Colegio, Arquitectos, Asociación Civil, gremio
 cultura, industrias creativas, diseño, educación, creatividad, innovación, Gobierno Estatal
Desarrollo, Innovación, Reconocimiento, Diseño, Premio
potencial, diseñadores, diseño, festival
festival, acercamiento, apreciación, aprendizaje, danza española, tendencias internacionales
celebración, animación, arte digital, Festival, Competencia Internacional de Animación, talleres, conferencias, clases magistrales, proyecciones, exhibiciones de arte
Semana del diseño, Querétaro, México, Festival internacional
Thank you for making this project a reality!