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At present, the Indigenous Craft Development Center (CEDAI) is a cultural space offering the indigenous peoples a place in the City where they can share their artisan knowledge, display and sell their products. However, this space is underused, and it is therefore pertinent to enable a Craft Design and Innovation Center as a platform to promote the education, training and economic development of artisans, focused on innovation with a sustainable project approach. The main livelihood will be by using traditional trades and techniques for the development of new products, as a strategy for the preservation of the intangible heritage.
The Super Hub will be in charge of linking artisans with design professionals, documenting creative methodologies arising from the development process and disclosing the knowledge acquired in the creation of each product, acknowledging the industrial property rights. In addition, the Super Hub will promote the design of fair trade policies at various levels of government to benefit the artisan sector.
Among others, the creation of Querétaro design lines is an expected result, to commercialize the handcraft products at a local and international level.These commercial lines will be of the highest quality, since they will have supervision of all parts of the design chain, from conceptualization, creation of prototypes, production and even the sale of the products.


Generate Querétaro’s lines of artisan design.

To develop products by implementing methodologies that may promote innovation in terms of product aesthetics and functionality, improving time and resources and enhancing craft techniques and materials, respecting the traditions and customs of indigenous communities.



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